Education Ministry

Sacramental Programs – Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation are all taught in conjunction with our Faith Formation programs. We meet with parents and children to provide an intergenerational teaching program. Our parents are an invaluable resource since most of our faith learning takes place in the home. Our faith is not only to be shared once a week, but to be incorporated into our everyday lives. 

Youth Ministry – High School and Jr. High Youth meet twice a month to share, learn, and put their faith into action. They are an energetic group of youth who love God and work well together to share our faith. They meet regularly to pray, read the word of God, discuss current topics which affect youth and at times have guest speakers come in and share on specific topics. The Youth of the parish are involved in Hospitality Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry and Lector at special Youth oriented masses. They participate year round in the Liturgical seasons of the church and help in the community as well. The Youth enjoy providing meals for those less fortunate, walking in the Crop walk, March for Life in Washington D.C., helping out at the Thanksgiving Shut in dinner for the Homebound, volunteering at the Parish Festival, collecting food and helping out whenever possible. All students in the 6th through 12th grade are welcome to come and be a part of the St. Joseph Youth Group.

Sunday Morning Liturgy for Children – A Child's presentation of the Sunday Gospel reading is shared with children ages three through six years of age. We are currently using a lectionary based program with the children. This time is a wonderful opportunity for the children to share about the word of God at their level and for parents to be able to hear the Gospel read and the homily shared by Father.

If you would love to share your faith with the children and youth of our parish please call Christina Gayton at 989-755-7561. We can always use more help.

Quinceanera Mass - At St. Joseph Church we recognize and celebrate with you as your daughter reaches her 15th birthday.  We do however have certain guidelines that we would like to share with you so you will be better prepared as this day approaches. Your daughter’s fifteenth birthday is a great opportunity for you as a family to reflect on the following:

As a family to affirm your commitment to one another.

As a family to recognize the importance of Jesus and the Church in your family.

As a young woman who says yes to God and Mary and to the values of your family and the Church.

St. Joseph Church Requirements​ - Family is a registered member of the parish. Quinceanera is an active member of the youth group.

Quinceanera is Baptized, Confirmed and received Eucharist.

Quinceanera date has been cleared with the Church calendar.

Quinceanera mass will be at the 4:00pm mass, 9:30, or 11:30. (Suggested donation to church is $100.00)

Quinceanera will attend a preparation class with Church staff prior to the date.

Quinceanera and her attendants will dress appropriately for Church.  No bare shoulders (shawls, shrugs or sweater must be worn with strapless dresses in church.

Many of the questions will be answered at a meeting with parents and the Quinceanera prior to the Quinceanera preparation class.