Funeral Planning

St. Joseph church works closely with all the funeral homes locally in the Saginaw area. We work to provide compassionate funeral services during such a  difficult time. During this time the family will usually contact a funeral home first and the funeral home will then contact the parish office, to make arrangements.

We work together with the family and the funeral home to provide a funeral experience that the family will be happy with.

Funeral expenses are collected by the funeral home and then are passed on to St. Joseph church.

Funeral Luncheon can be arranged with the Parish when the family comes in to make the funeral planning. There is a per/person charge. The funeral home does not make arrangements for the Luncheon. 

Parish Planning for the Funeral mass.

The Family will set up an appointment to meet with the Parish office once they have finished their meeting with the funeral home. Usually the family will call from the funeral home to set this up. Fr. and someone from the parish staff will meet with the family. We will go through the Mass planning, this involves choosing two readings for the mass, offertory gift bearers and also the Eucharistic ministers for the mass. An obituary or small sharing may be read before the mass begins. We ask the family to read the obituary if they like or pepare a one page written sharing to be read. The family may also bring some personal items of the deceased to be brought forth during the offertory.

If there are any resolutions to be read this is usually done after Communion and before the final prayer. 

Funeral planning is a very personal time for each family. The loss of a loved one is difficult and many arrangements are involved. We will try to help you as much as we can. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or any concerns.